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Our development of the XY sealant dispensing system ensures precision applications of instant gasket materials to your dedicated components. A standard XY plotter work table is 600 x 500mm, but bespoke changes can be done to suit your requirements. Sealant patterns can be taken from customers DFX files and converted into motion creating accurate repeatable bead patterns.


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The control unit is integrated around the XY plotter using ABB drivers and a Trio MC664 controller. This enables the program inside the controller to give you the choice of bead patterns if components are modified. And if required the system will give the option of integrating the APT vision inspection system for complete validation.
If the component is made redundant, it is quite easy to change to a different component making it only necessary to replace part locations and modify the motion program to suit.


The X-Y motion is run on linear slides and carriages which are driven by stepper motors and ball screws through high torque motors and a micro step drive giving almost seamless movements.