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APTL’s series of Visual Inspection systems offer a powerful, fast, easy to use and can be simply integrated into process control. Our engineers have years of combined experience into thoroughly understanding how lighting, optics, and software can work together reliably in any environment.

The APTL Vision System provides the capability (from complex computer programming), to create a simple point-and-click environment through the entire inspection process. This means that the whole system can be understood and mastered by non-programmers.

One of the main purposes of the APTL Vision System is to apply traceability to your products to verify if your products are built and followed to your standards. These systems can be used to oversee a variety of different processes.


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Vision Cabinets

These touchscreen cabinets give a visual aid to the operator, giving necessary information required. It gives you full control over the camera system and data logging. 12 months storage capability. Multiple number of cameras can be used within either system. Specialised cameras can be discussed on enquiry (4K and 3D cameras). We use various vision software applications.

• Ultra Violet light inspection for leakage detection.
• Spot Lighting
• Data Matrix Reading
• Gauging
• Measuring
• Template Matching

Full Camera Enclosure Systems

Our full camera enclosure systems is the largest piece of equipment in the range. Allowing full body entry to correct any faults that may occur. A key feature that proves beneficial with this system is the integrated RAID hard drive system, storing up to 12 months of your important data recorded from each camera operation.

These add-ons can be incorporated in to our systems.

• Collaborative Robots

• 22 Tera Byte Storage space

• 360 Degree Viewing Angle

Independent Camera Systems

On a smaller scale of Visual Inspection, our independent camera systems can be bespoke built to your requirements to ensure a seamless fit into any desired environment. Independently mounted cameras. Overhead hood camera enclosure. Single camera and hood.

Industrial CCTV Monitoring

We offer you up to date CCTV technology to provide surveillance to processes that cannot be reached by persons due to safety or it being difficult to reach. We personalise each camera system to work around existing areas and equipment to minimise interference with the day to day operations.

• Live and stored footage.
• Bespoke to working around existing equipment and area.
• Purpose to overlook a variety of different processes.
• Up to date technology, over ethernet systems.
• Remote viewing and control of cameras.
• 4K Cameras, Dome and Bullet Cameras.