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APTL’s wide range of sealant applicators ensures that there is a suited piece of equipment for your sealant needs.

Rotaspray Equipment

APTL’s Rotasprays can apply various adhesives or liquids to the interior cylindrical surfaces of workpieces. This product series of Rotaspray consists of standard and long series, with also the choice of a right angle or straight Harting plug to suit. Each with a selection of front and side exit wetting head sizes to suit each application.
The Rotasprays can be supplied as a bare unit, or with APTL’s Dispensing Valve that comes with the required dispensing tip and wetting head.


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Product Features

Compact and Slim Design, that is reliable.

Standard Series = 155mm shaft.

Long Series = 180mm shaft.

Reliable Tacho disc that detects and reports errors.

Short cycle time with quick stop capability to eliminate overspray.

Full sealed Dispensing Valve, to keep your desired sealant fresh through its application process.

Wetting head sizes range from 7-28mm, front and side exit. Custom sizes are also available.

Low to medium viscosity anaerobic adhesives can be applied with the Rotasprays.

RTV Equipment

Handheld Applicators

These applicators will be tailor made to suit the jobs requirements. Giving you great functionality and speed. This allows for free movement to the operator, to dispense the RTV manually to the desired area.

Product Features

Ergonomic Design.
Drip free.
Dispenses controlled amount.
A cleaner working environment.

Semi-Static Equipment

This series of semi-static equipment demonstrates the ease of control and function to the required part. This especially works well in conjunction with path guides. Common applications of semi-static RTV applicators are as a standby unit or a free-standing system.

Product Features

Ergonomic Design.
Greater stability, without compromising free movement. Works seamlessly with APTL’s Visual Inspection System.