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The purpose of the lubrication process is to apply an even coating on the component to minimise friction which helps reduced the force needed to meet ergonomic requirement.

Static Applicating Heads

The extremely successful function and design of the static applicating head series has been developed and field proved to be of the highest quality over the past 20 years. Allowing for application of lubricants internally and externally to virtually any part.


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Internal Applicators

The purpose of our Internal Applicators is to lubricate the inside diameter of any given part. Common applications include the lubrication of hoses, pipes and any necessary bores in need of internal lubricating, where the component can be easily transferred to the head.

This type of applicator allows you to carry out the operation of assembly with ease, and to also give protection to the part as it goes through the assembly process.

External Applicators

In the static series of dispensing heads, the External Applicators purpose is to apply a full even coat to the outside diameter of a component. A good example of this is the lubrication of an O-ring on a pipe. This application will not only make the assembly process easier but will stop the O-ring from rolling and or splitting/tearing upon insertion.

These heads can also be used to dispense oil on the side of metal component like tappets so they will not have metal to metal contact on their first movement inside the engine.

Handheld Equipment

The handheld series of lubrication applicators are a great concept and design when the required component is too large to take to a Static head. The operator can take the lubrication process to the component.

The handheld equipment can be designed to apply internally or externally, this means that you can accomplish most operations with the use of dispensing wands and handguns.

Combi-Pressure Pot

An APTL standard pressure pot holds 2.5 litres of lubricants or sealants and comes complete with the suited low-level sensing equipment.
The product is also fed from the bottom of the pressure pot, eliminating the chance of any trapped air getting into the dispensing valve causing inconsistent and irregular dispensing of P80.

Product Features

Pressure tested with certification
Filtration of lubricant or sealant with the use of a strainer bracket
Optional product manifold to support up to four outlets