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Our laser and pin marking systems are bespoke designed for the job in hand. These systems give you a practical solution for a wide range of applications and types of markings.


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Laser Marking

Our laser marking systems can be designed to be incorporated into existing equipment or can be made as a standalone enclosure from a small, compact size, to a full walk-in system. To suit your any requirements set. These systems can come with our Visual Inspection equipment to check and log all markings for traceability purposes
Laser systems are supplied with integrated extractors, designed to remove and filter fume containing potentially hazardous particulate and gases generated during manufacturing processes. Such hazardous substances are captured within a multistage filtration system after which the cleaned air is returned to the workplace.

Product Features

Viewing windows
Interlock guard door(s)
Fast and durable
HMI interface panel
Can work with APTL Visual Inspection systems
Fully automated system with opening/closing doors, part holding and movement of the laser head.
Filter extraction system
Air conditioning for electrical cabinet
Integrated screen/keyboard in electrical cabinet

Pin Marking

APTL experience and knowledge that allows us to give you a reliable and effective dot peen marking method. These can be incorporated into existing machines and equipment. Using accurate pin marking systems, this ensures that every dot peen mark is clear and sharp for easy identification.

Product Features

Marks on an array of materials
Quick and cost-effective
Simple and diverse