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Here at APTL we provide superior, world-leading dispensing equipment for your lubrication and sealant needs.

We will supply you the upmost high-quality dispensing system to fit into any environment. These systems will give you the speed and accuracy to deliver the desired amount of lubricant or sealant to any part whilst giving you maximum usage of your product. This will provide a cleaner and tidier working environment ensuring health and safety compliance.


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DU15 Controller

The DU15 controller can control the amount of lubricant or sealant required to the part. This controller alone can support up to four dispensing applicators in a close working area, giving you more capability.

This piece of equipment works in conjunction with any APTL static or handheld systems.

Combi-Pressure Pot

An APTL standard pressure pot holds 2.5 litres of lubricants or sealants and comes complete with the suited low-level sensing equipment.
The product is also fed from the bottom of the pressure pot, eliminating the chance of any trapped air getting into the dispensing valve causing inconsistent and irregular dispensing of P80.

Product Features

Pressure tested with certification.
Filtration of lubricant or sealant with the use of a strainer bracket.
Optional product manifold to support up to 4 outlets.

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